Paweł Oleszak
+48 602 703 245

Martyna Oleszak
+48 600 969 069

Technical consultations:
Dariusz Sielski
+48 696 463 156

Hello in S-Lang!

S-Lang company is a manufacturer of a pedalo “Fred”. Activity of the company is based on knowledge and experience of Dariusz Sielski. He gained it in the design and construction of boats, during his work as a technical consultant, in one of the largest companies in the world.

The idea, design and the production of “Fred’s” pedalo are the effect of joint work of Sielski’s team. Therefore, as a result of their efficient work “Fred’s” pedalo was presented at the “Wind and Water” fair in Warsaw, where one could see all the advantages of the original, attractive, comfortable and functional pedal boat.